Moving Head Beam Light From Light Sky Becomes A Hit

Public interest in Light Sky’s rave lighting gear has always existed. Wherever they are used, the high-quality lighting fixtures are sure to create a beautiful scene. Light Sky put on a spectacular performance during its visit at the GETShow, continuing its trend of wowing audiences.

Light Sky strives to outperform the competition at every exposition it attends as one of the most well-known stage lighting providers in China. And GETShow was the same. Instead, the team brought their moving head beam lights from the performance, which attracted a lot of attention when they were lit up.

This essay covers every aspect of the GETShow and how Light Sky’s moving head beam light produced mind-blowing results.

Why Does GETShow Matter and What Is It?
GETShow, also known as the Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show, is a sizable exhibition hosted in China. It is Asia’s largest professional lighting and sound expo. International lighting and sound businesses come to this event to display their most cutting-edge creations.

At the GETShow, getting everyone’s attention is crucial. Impressing the attendees is a huge success because the expo is crowded with reputable lighting companies from around the world. Not every lighting business has the opportunity to pull off a spectacular display at the fair. But Light Sky succeeded. Instead, it put on a spectacular performance by displaying its cutting-edge moving head beam lighting.

A beautiful atmosphere was created by the light sky.
Light Sky brought two well-liked moving head beam lights, the IP 2021 Profile and IP 4000 Laser, to the event.

Light Sky turned on these moving head beam lights in the display as they were being presented. The lighting did an outstanding job, resulting in a lovely and endearing environment for the event. The magnificent show put on by the moving head beam lights caught everyone’s attention as they turned their heads upward. Every reputable organization praised the impressive results.

The Two Moving Head Beam Lights on Display at the Exhibition
As previously reported, Light Sky displayed its two newest stage lighting products—SHARK PROFILE and SHARK LASER—at the GETShow. Here is a brief overview of each of these.

A high-brightness, IP66 1200W LED moving head spot and profile light called SHARK PROFILE. Its LED module’s white source color contains a color wheel with five distinct colors that can generate a variety of lovely hues. It has a remarkable longevity, so it can last for a very, very long time. Furthermore, because to its reliable environmental protection characteristics, it has no adverse effects on the environment.

It has a four-in-one design, which means that depending on the setting, it can function as a beam, spot, wash, and profile light. It has a wide range of applications in outdoor settings where a versatile moving head beam light is required. The five available colors can be combined and matched to provide a stunning palette of distinctive hues.

Aqua Laser is a moving head laser beam light that is IP66 waterproof. It is perfect for use in all outdoor settings with severe weather, including stadiums, live performances, building tops, and theaters.

It has a high-density, white laser source that can project an extreme amount of light while it is operating as a beam. The light density is quite evenly distributed across the surface. In addition, there is a sizable 14-color wheel that can instantly project related hues. Additionally, you may easily mix and match the colors on the wheel to create any desired color.

Main Points
A reputable producer and seller of stage lighting gear is Light Sky. Over 15 square kilometers of space make up our plant and R&D center. The manufacturing facility turns out dependable, high-quality goods that are well-liked all around China. Additionally, the R&D staff never stops slaving away to improve the already-existing products and develop brand-new market-dominating products.

Last but not least, Light Sky’s services are customized to meet the demands of each individual client. Our staff will make every effort to provide a solution that is unique to each client.