How to Get Mullet Curly Hair? Try These Hairstyles

Rockers have always been linked to the curly hair mullet. As fashion has developed, stylists have given it an edgier spin that makes it more approachable to a wider audience. The mullet offers a rebelliousness to your appearance that is quite alluring when you want to modify how you seem!

The famous curly mullet features many layers to highlight the body and texture of the hair. The back has longer parts than the sides, which are shorter. It leaves a lasting impression thanks to its cool and stylish look! The popular peruvian curly hair mullet is a trend that will never go out of style, so let’s have a look at what the curly hair mullet has to offer. Both men and women can enjoy mullet curly hair.

A mullet hair is what?
A mullet hair is what?

Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet haircut is probably what comes to mind when you hear the word “mullet.” A mullet is a style of hair where the sides and back are very short or shaved, and the top and bangs are longer in the back. With more layers and less contrast between the long back and the short front, the modern mullet has longer hair in the back and shorter hair in the front. You can experiment with shorter bangs that are uneven, as well as color, of course. You can also give even the finest hair a more rebellious sense by highlighting the volume at the crown of your head.

where the curly mullet hair first appeared.
where the curly mullet hair first appeared.

Rockers like David Bowie “trademarked” the mullet in the 1970s, and it has retained a strong appearance for decades. However, there are allegations that the name was altered to the surname as popular people of the day recreated a haircut used by French costume designer Henri Mollet.

How can curly hair be styled into a mullet?
Everything you need to know about the current mullet hair trend is provided.

  1. You must have long hair to start. For the finest effects, your hair should be the right length. More than just shaving the sides and leaving the back alone constitutes a proper mullet. You need lengthy hair surrounding it to start shaping it.
  2. Decide on the mullet style you desire. A conventional mullet, which is closely fitting or shaved on the sides and long and flowing in the back, is the way to go if you want to make a statement. But this is the least flexible. Make a decision regarding the length of the back and the variety of the sides.
  3. Arrange a consultation with your hairstylist or barber. Simply shave the sides and top of your head until you have the correct length if you want to create a dramatic mullet. However, you should leave it to the professionals if you want one of the season’s sexiest mullet haircuts (we have choices below). You should only use scissors to create a modern mullet haircut if you are an expert.
  4. Construct a mullet hairdo. Spray beach hairspray on wet hair and muss it up with your fingers while it dries naturally since the best mullet hairstyles feature a lot of texture. Avoid washing your hair every day because mullets appear best on the second or third day. Use a dry shampoo in between washes to remove more oil. Apply some moisturizer to the front of your hair to style it into the appropriate shape, or use a potent styling gel for spiky hair.

How should I cut my curly mullet?

The mullet is a straightforward haircut with a long back and short front. It does not, however, come without challenges. With the curly hair mullet version, most people can pull off this appearance, but it’s crucial to take your face shape into account. Curly hair can be cut short to enhance volume or width in particular hair strands, which can change how your face looks.

You must first realize that it will appear better and fit more comfortably on straight or wavy hair than on curly hair in order to adjust it to each face shape. Anything is possible, of course, but the first step is to allow the hair grow at least to the shoulders.

Partition the hair in Step 1 by isolating the upper zone, making a U-shaped partition at the top of the head, and establishing horizontal divisions from the growth line to the radial divider of each zone.

Step 2: Cut the rear region, making vertical and length guides at the back of the neck. 45° point cuts should begin in the middle and conclude at both ends.

Step 3: Make the crown cut by detaching these portions and performing a vertical moving section with a point cut at 90 degrees and a sliding cut at 45 degrees throughout the head as a guide. The sides should be visually controlled to fit your chosen look (the shorter, the more rebellious!).

Step 4: Create the top cut and bangs. To get the desired look, combine the bangs with short layers of dotted cuts that go to the center.

Step 5: Texture and dry the surface. It’s crucial to texturize the entire cut with a sliding and deep point-cutting method after completely drying your hair. You can create an eclectic aesthetic in this way.

Step 6: Personalize it to suit you!

Women with mullets of curly hair 1. Women with Mullets of Curly Hair 1.

The face is wonderfully framed by a beautiful, curly feminine mullet. The mullet haircut for women opens up the cheekbones and contours the face, making it perfect for giving your curls a chic, contemporary appearance.

  1. Curly-Bangled Mullet
  2. Curly-Bangled Mullet

Try a curly mullet with curly bangs for a softer appearance around the face. Longer curling bangs seem lighter than shorter, sharper designs, which can make a haircut look more aggressive. There are numerous sizes and forms available for the mullet cut. Your stylist will help you modify and customize the ideal form for you.

  1. Mullet with Curly Hair for Thick Hair
  2. Mullet with Curly Hair for Thick Hair

For thick hair, a curly mullet is ideal. The best way to conceal a texture with too much volume in curly hair is to wear a mullet. This shape can be totally customized to meet your needs. Ask your hairdresser what the best choices are for you.

  1. A curly mullet
  2. A curly mullet

Curly hair can be styled into a mullet. Curly mullets are really fashionable and modern. When it comes to length and layers, it all depends on what suits a person’s lifestyle and demands. You can get assistance with this from your hairdresser.

  1. Women with Curly Mullets
  2. Women with Curly Mullets

Try a women’s mullet if you have curly hair. A curly mullet exudes cool and is highly rock ‘n’ roll. This style is perfect for women looking for a low-maintenance appearance because it requires little upkeep. Use a cream or mousse to spread it and tousle with your fingertips to add volume.

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